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bwCloudScope interruptions

Mar 14, 2019 09:07 PM

Attention: There are currently issues with the bwCloud Scope log-in. We are aware of the problem and are working tirelessly to make the Cloud avaiable again. Another note: There is currently another issue with the storage. This only pertains to the instances that were created before the interruption on Monday. New instances and volumes can be created and will work. We are working on this problem as well and are trying to solve it as soon as possible.

Interruption: The log-in is currently not working. The log-in dashboard is online and available, however, users are not being recognized. This problem arose in the run-up to preperations for tomorrow´s emergency power testing (https://www.bw-cloud.org/de/news/2019/03-14-wartung-region-freiburg). That is when unexpected issues arose in the keystone. We hope to solve this as quickly as possible, so that users that wish to do so can prepare their VMs for tomorrow´s downtime.

The other interruption has been around since Monday (https://www.bw-cloud.org/de/news/2019/03-13-speicherprobleme-freiburg). This one is caused by network issues between the Ceph nodes. Volumes affected by this are currently not being recognized and assigned correctly. The data is NOT lost, just not currently accessible. This leads to problems for currently active instances, which again leads to some of them not booting, as they cannot access their own hard drive.

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