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How to log in


Employees of the University of Freiburg, students, and study program participants.

Log-in with a Uni-Account

  • Normally, you log in using your Uni-Account. Please enter your user identification (jd123) in the user name field. The recognition is composed of your initials and 4 randomly selected digits. After, enter your personal password in the password field. Then click [log in].
  • Please note: You cannot log in using your Uni-Account without first activating it in myAccount. Should no content appear after successfully logging in, it could be that your Uni-Account has not been assigned to the events yet. In this case, please contact your degree program coordinator or the study program team.


Log-in with temporary access details

  • In the case that your enrollment is not completed before the start of your study program, it is possible that you will receive temporary access details from your degree program coordinator or from your study program. Usually, you receive your Uni-Account the following week, together with instructions concerning the activation. Please complete the activation first and then inform your degree program coordinator. After the change, you can use your Uni-Account to log into the learning platform. All your course memberships, personal settings etc. remain.


Uni-Account Outside participants without a Uni-Account


Log-in with a local account

  • If you have received access details from your degree program coordinator, please enter these in the corresponding field (user name and password). Please mind capital letters. After entering the details, click [log in].


Log-in through self-registration/with an access code

  • If you have received an access code, click on the link [register new user account] on the log-in page. Please follow the instructions on the following page. After successfully completing self-registration, you will automatically receive the access details by email.




Log-in not possible?




If this error message appears, please check your user name and password. Please mind upper-case and lower-case letters. If you have forgotten your log-in information, you have following options:


You log in using your Uni-Account (e.g. with jd123)


  • Forgot password: 

    You can reset your password yourself through the web service myAccount. For this, please visit this website: https://myaccount.uni-freiburg.de/uadmin/nopass. Enter your user name and click on [send]. You will receive a new initial password, which will be sent to the email address saved in your account. Please follow the instructions in the email. This process only works if you have saved an email address in your Uni-Account. Otherwise, please contact your study program coordinator or write an e-mail at ilias@rz.uni-freiburg.de.


 You log in using a local account (e.g. with tmp-doe or john.doe) 


  • In this case, you can retrieve and reset your user name and password directly through the e-learning platform. For this, please use the links “Forgot password?” or “Forgot user name?”, respectively, under the log-in window.





 Further Questions?

Are you having difficulties with the log-in or do you have technical questions concerning the learning platform? Please contact the University IT Services study program support:

Email: ilias@rz.uni-freiburg.de

General information concerning the postgraduate programs of the University of Freiburg can be found on the website of the Freiburg Academy of Continuing Education (FRAUW):





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